about us

We started Porchtime in 2018 after working on campaigns for over 25 brands, including Fortune 500 companies and non-profits.

Our passions for business, design and storytelling infuse every aspect of our lives, from the products we buy to the products we sell. 

our network

Throughout our careers, we have developed an extensive network of writers, graphic designers, web designers, filmmakers, marketers, and digital experts. Porchtime allows us to make use of this network and create custom, exceptional teams. 

who we are

We met when we were just fourteen years old. Kate grew up on a farm in central New York, and Christoph grew up in Manhattan. A couple of lifetimes later, we found each other again. Between the two of us, we have lived and worked in New York, California, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Currently we live in Delray Beach, Florida. 

- Kate and Christoph Teves